Visible Dust

Sensor dry cleaning

The image quality is also affected by the sensor cleanliness. Especially in macro photography, dust collected on all surfaces that interact with light degrade significantly the raw photo as shown on the picture below.


That is why it is important to keep up a regular maintenance because, according to the climatic conditions and the number of times one changes lenses, dust particles can quickly accumulate on the sensor. It is also advisable to have with you the necessary tools for such operations; depending on the remoteness of the shooting site it's not always possible to find such services.

There are several solutions on the market that have their advantages and disadvantages. To overcome any stain or sticky particles, a wet cleaning will be necessary but these operations are tedious. Dry cleaning is also efficacious and much faster.


Arctic Butterfly, of Visible Dust, is an electrostatic brush which is electrically charged by the rotation of the fibers. The motor is powered by two AAA batteries that also provide energy to two LEDs that shed light on the sensor during cleaning. This tool does not take up much space and is easy to use.


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