Diffuser and reflector

In macro, a diffuser provides valuable services. It can be of a fine fabric which reduces the intensity of the sun and increase the light source to reduce harsh shadows. It can also be in the form of a "hat" which is fixed to the top of a flash to have the same pre-mentioned effect.




This solution is very interesting because the diffuser remains in the same place since it is attached to the flash and thus it frees a hand that will be able to lead a reflector to fill in the background.

This type of diffuser is compact and comes in multiple sizes that have to be chosen according to the size of the subject.


Where to buy to support the website:

MissNumerique: Diffuser for cobra flash




I particularly like reflectors with one face white and the other gold. The white face reflects light without altering the color temperature and the golden side produces a warm dominant on the images like the last/first sunbeams. It can bring the touch of light that was missing, like displayed on the macro of the butterfly.

It is possible to make it out of a thick sheet of cardboard, on one side of which one glues aluminized plastic and on the other a gold colored plastic. It can be easily renewed if damaged.

It is also very useful to have a garden rod that can be planted in the ground to fix the reflector by the joint clamp as shown in the following image above.



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