Dry sensor cleaning


Eyelead is the solution by far the best in the field.


Indeed, in the wild, it is sometimes difficult to find a place sheltered from the wind where one can place the camera, grab the electrostatic brush and cleaning fluid, and lose twenty precious minutes to clean the sensor.

Eyelead is very convenient because the cleaning is done with a minimum of handling, thus extremely fast and the result is satisfactory.

Obviously, this is not the ultimate solution, but it can provide valuable services during expeditions of several months.


Before cleaning
After Eyelead


Where to buy to support the website:

MissNumerique: Eyelead, dry sensor cleaning
Amazon: Eyelead, dry sensor cleaning


Visualize dust with PS or Lr

Before and after cleaning, it is possible to image the dust on the sensor surface by photographing a white sheet.

Disable the autofocus because it is useless since we want to image the sensor, not the paper. Then close down the aperture (f/22 or more). Set at minimum the sensitivity (50-200 ISO) to prevent dominant digital noise and adjust the shutter speed or switch to Apreture Priority mode in order to obtain a resulting gray photo where the dust particles will already be visible.

To visualize the entirety of the dust, it is possible to go through Lightroom and adjust whites/blacks or with PS -> Image -> Automatic Tonality. By this means the particules stucked on the sensor are displayed and allows one to assess the quality of the cleaning.


During a trip to Iceland, I was trapped in a sandstorm that I shot from afar when I came out of it (see end of page). I was holding the Nikon D4 and the 24-70 f / 2.8 when an extremely violent wind arose within a few minutes and intensified in a record time. I could not get out of this corridor quickly enough and the storm moved so much sand that I could not see where I was walking. I was unable to open my eyes and the sand was grinding under my teeth. I groped forward with one a eye half open and the camera in my jacket during 20 min to finally reach the end of this corridor. I had sand even in my underpants and the camera as well as the lens suffered greatly.



As I had taken an Eyelead set with me, I was able to perform a full maintenance of all the equipment in just a few minutes. It was my worst experience in climatic conditions up to now and at the same time the best in cleaning! Obviously, this is not the ultimate solution, but Eyelead renders valuable services during the expeditions of several months.

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