Acratech levelling base




Material: Hard ionized aluminium
Weight: 240g
Maximum load: 11.4 kg
Moving freedom in all directions: 10°
Compatibility: 3/8-16 and 1/4-20 inches


This piece of equipement becomes altogether vital from its first use! Indeed, you only have to try it once to categorize it with the indispensibles. Finished the time when the tripod legs had to be adjusted one by one and thus losing precious time.

In certain situations, it is always possible to go through this method of trial and error but the time lost can be fatal to an opportunity. This tool is designed to achieve a fine leveling accuracy for panorama in a record time. In certain weather conditions, I'm think of a good layer of snow that is not hard enough to support the tripod yet soft enough to make leveling difficult, it becomes vital to have this smartly engineered piece.

I had this bad experience when I was seeking Northern Lights. The time I lost in adjusting the horizon to compose a panorama would have permitted me to capture many more different shapes and colors. Although the excellent Gitzo tripod has telescopic legs with quick release, the problem was that the pyramidal shape of the legs acted like a spring on the snow. That is to say, when one presses on one leg sink it into the snow, the tripod doesn't keep in place and goes back to the original position. I still even now regret not having this absolutely indispensable object.



This leveling base is made of corrosion resistant anodized aluminum. The finish is silky smooth and pleasant to touch. The ball is free of grease and oil which guarantees an excellent performance without dust and other external agents sticking on it and degrading its properties in the long run. My Acratech leveling base underwent dust storms in Iceland as well as floods, just like the Gitzo tripod, and still goes with me without the least deterioration. It's such a pleasure to have equipement so well designed!



Its design enables one to insert it by rotation around the center screw between the tripod leggs and the head without a significant increase in height. Its profile is thin because it is only 4.5cm thick.



The clamping screw is secured which guarantees that it cannot become loosened from the head by vibrations, so it is not possible to lose it. It provides an excellent clamping in the choosen position and it is possible to finely adjust the horizon when not totally screwed. The large diameter and the rubber used for the screw head enable easy handling and precision.

In addition, this leveling base has a small screw with a metal head which controls the friction of the mounting plate.

The ingenuity of this system results in ease of use and a substantial longevity because this leveling is guaranteed for 10 years!

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