Wet lens Inon UWL-H100 28M67 Type II

The images produced by this wetlens are incredibly sharp for underwater photography by a compact camera. This wetlens, coupled with the ultimate Sony RX100M2, renders a quality that can rival certain reflex cameras in terms of sharpness and management of digital noise.


Construction: 4 groups of 4 elements
Maximum incident view angle: 100.8°
Outer diameter: 90.4 mm
Length: 45.4 mm
Mount thread diameter: M67 pitch 0.75
Depth rating: 60m
Material: Hard ionized Aluminium
Glass type: Optical glass
ARC: Anti-reflective coating (front and rear)


The image below is the result of the assembling of 14 pictures taken in freediving at -13m deep in an arm of the Mediterranean Sea near Roses (Catalonia). This is a pine tree which flew about 100m horizontally when the 2010 storm uprooted it from the top of the cliff overlooking the sea.



The images were framed vertically in one row and cover approximately 150°. The quality of the raw images is truly remarkable for a couple compact camera - wetlens. A true success from Inon and Sony!

Through the assembling of images (stitching) with Kolor Autopano Pro, panoramic output images have a very high resolution thanks to the 20Mpx sensor of the Sony RX100M2. The panorama above has a resolution of 61Mpx. One can appreciate the sharpness of the enlargements at 100%.

Depending on the aperture sets with the Sony RX100M2 and the amount of ambiant light available, the images can have a great sharpness through the entier image until the edges. The example below shows almost non-existent vignetting and razor sharp details. It is clear that abundant light enable to stop down to f/8 and allow to set a low sensitivity that will result in a quality image. Everything depends on the compact setting, but this wetlens opens the field of view without degrading the image.

To increase the view angle in order to approach a fisheye lens, it is possible to mount on this wetlens the corresponding dome: Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-H100 which increases the underwater view angle to 144.8 °.

The trio Dome Lens Unit Type II - WetLens Inon - Sony RX100M2 in a Nauticam housing is my best experience in underwater photography. It is easy to use for exploring the seas, rivers and mangroves, easily transportable and a quality of the image out of the ordinary! Not to mention the price that is very affordable compared to the price of equipment to get a DSLR underwater... This combination is ideal for freediving because of its reduced volume.


Some wonderful freedives in perspective :-)

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