Nature... She has exercised her power of seduction on us humans since the dawn of time. From the time of cave paintings until the present day, men have not ceased to portray her in many ways. So many beautiful things in front of our eyes that we can now bring back with us in a small box!

I began in 2009 with underwater photography with a -10m waterproof compact camera in apnea. Many moments of wonderment later, it passed away but left me with this consuming passion that never abandonnes me. This passion allows me to show you the world the way I see it. It drives me to keep going higher, deeper and further to discover our wonderful planet and makes my life exceptionnally diversifed.



Each picture corresponds to magic and irreplaceable moments where the photographer becomes an integreted part of this environement. Being there where the scenery becomes so intense to the point of even forgetting to trigger the shutter... and relish every passing second is to me the heart of the process. For these exceptional moments do pass and never come back except in our souvenirs supported by our photos. This uniqueness gives even more value to these experiences.

One of the necessary key points for tracking these exceptional moments is, unfortunatly, regular training. Indeed, to reach mountain peaks with a considerable weight of glass on the back or to freedive, a preparation in proportion to the goal fixed is required. Regular training in swimmingpools/gym enables to keep/improve the performances throughout the year in order to thrive entirely on these unique moments in seas, rivers or on mountains.

The age that we're living in is really unique. Unique in the sense that it is possible to move about. No need to go back very far in time to realize that a journey was already an adventure in itself. This is an priceless priviledge to be able to discover other cultures, travel great distances in a matter of hours, to explore our world and its remote areas.


Dear visitor, I hope to give you through this website, the desire to seek in our beautiful nature moments of freedom and enjoyment which enable us to let go of our lives where everthing goes too fast and to be able to resource ourselves.

I wish you many fulfilling moments!


Photography Ethics

In my opinion, photography is a means of expression that has its only limite where this act becomes destructive. In nature, the passage of the photographer, should ideally be unnoticed and cause the least possible strain on the environment. That is why I impose on myself the rules of never feeding wildlife or endangering the species just for a few shots.

The same rules apply in macro photography where I guarantee that all subjects are alive and healthy when I leave.

As for the post-processing of images, I do my utmost to reproduce the scene I have witnessed and do not add any items that where nonexistent when the photograph was taken. I use techniques to capture scenes with high dynamic range (HDR) when it is needed, and stitching to reach a high resolution. The focus stacking is also used when the foreground is too close to the front lens or for macro photography.

On the other hand, I never compose a picture from other photographs corresponding to different locations. All elements of my images were present during the shooting and special care has been taken to be as unobtrusive and respectful as possible.


I am happy to thank every person who has helped to bring about this site.

First of all, I'll never thank my tender Silvia enough for having pushed me forward and allowed me considerable time to be able to put this goal into concret form, and knew how to manage my multiple passions. Then, I infinitely thank my mother, Madeleine, for her talents of seamstress and the innumerable alterations of my camouflages, and for her translations.

There are also sincere thanks that go to my friend Eric for the delirious moments we shared and also for his photos. Not to mention Bob and Shaun for their help with translations into the language of Shakespeare, and super Boris for his spare parts to the 3D printer.

There is also a thanks to people who have crossed my path and exchanged passions and information without my even sometimes knowing their names. A big thank you to you all!